Because you've always been

a writer.


Become who you always have been:

an Artist. 


It is time to create again.

Just like when you were a child.

When all that mattered was the joy of creation.


Step up on your unique journey.

Come and find out what has been stopping you so far.

          Free yourself from your creative blocks.Vy

Find out who you are.

Join me and hundreds of writers

led by Julia Cameron's unique and kind method

called the Artist's Way and get your story done.

You know you want to do it. You know you need to do it.

In fact, you are already doing it.

By being on this page you've already made your first step.

Embark on a journey into your inner world of joys,

memories, fears, hopes, and fantasy.

Discover the story within you. 

 Bring it to life.

Try your first three sessions with me

entirely free of charge pís