PR for shrinks.

       On my couch. 



Are you

a Psychologist or Therapist

leading an interesting

self-discovery workshop?

I’ll write about you.

& help you with PR 

 mainly in the Czech Republic,

but we can also look at Slovakia,

London or Vienna 
Yeah, I can write in German too .

Who will hear about you? 

  • Readers of printed lifestyle magazines, eg Moja Psychologia,        where I have been publishing articles for over three years now

  • Those on social media who are into psychology, meditation                    & self-development

Why me? 


I am

the only Editor and PR

with a furious enthusiasm

for the mystery of human psyche

and all existing meditation techniques.


I'm ready to describe you in 3 languages and connect you where you're needed

for a buck.

What will it cost you? 


A little time,

while I understand your work

to create a strong, irresistible article,

or interview

with value added to the world.


Are just mere energy given form 
Let's get even based on how you price your work.

No money for PR? 

We may still barter 

Let's see 

Ask me anything