Guatemala | November 2019 | Lecturer: Katy Darby |

Italy  |  August 2019 TBC | Lecturer: TBC |

Portugal | 7. - 15.  April 2019 | Lecturer: Katy Darby |

Prague | 19. - 27, April 2019 | Lecturer: TBC |

What am I in for?

This short story course enables both new and experienced writers to gain confidence in exploring and developing their creativity through short story writing, reading and group discussion.

Whether you wish to write professionally or as a hobby, you will learn the skills and techniques required to write a successful short story and develop it throughout the course.

Led by an experienced published writer, you will not only learn the fundamental elements of a good short story but also how to prepare short stories for publication.


The course will also provide you with publishing ideas and resources for continuing your writing after the course is finished.

The course is delivered over 8 days in different locations all over the world (the next one in a former Monastery in Prague, Bohemia) and is ideal for anyone looking for expert and inspiring tuition combined with maximum flexibility

Retreat overview

You will learn how to write short stories for pleasure or professionally and you will develop your understanding of short story elements, such as character, dialogue, structure, plot, and setting.

Throughout the Short Story Writing retreat, you will develop your writing skills through in-class writing activities and professional feedback on your writing. 

By the end of the retreat, you will produce a complete short story. 

  1. Introduction & Ideas and Inspiration

  2. Character

  3. Dialogue

  4. Plot and Structure

  5. Setting and Descriptive Writing

  6. Narrative and Point of View

  7. Genre and Style

  8. Writers' Resources & Future Opportunities

What will I learn?



Over the course of six morning classes on the Story Done Writing retreat, you will learn to:

  • Develop your creativity and critical thinking, as well as your editing skills.

  • Practice a range of writing techniques from traditional approaches to more experimental methods.

  • Receive professional feedback on your work from a published writer and editor.

  • Gain insight into the writing industry, including publishing advice.


Course objectives:


  • To complete and submit a short story of 2000-5000 words in the genre of your choice.

  • To read, analyse and critique short stories by well-known writers

  • To understand how a short story works on different levels.

  • To learn strategies for improving your short story writing.

  • To practice using different fictional devices and techniques.

  • To engage with your work and others’ work both creatively and critically.

  • To experience short story writing as a combination of imagination and disciplined practice.

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