Up on That Hill

Updated: Jul 20

By Viktor Karmazin

I woke from a dream

just for a while

drove through a day 

and rode through a mile

came back to a home

to the Longest of Parts

one I once knew

I found with cold hearts 

To hear the estrangement creep in

they’re letting a new day begin

“hold onto the love that you know

you don’t have to give up to let go”

stealing back something that’s mine

lost in the embrace of time

our ferry with excitement laden:

me, and a festival maiden!

Up, on that meadow

under the hill

I feel that she’s waiting

waiting for me still…

I add to the memory I keep

just to remember when I fell asleep

onto a meadow, together we drift

exchange each other a precious gift

here is the lust that I once knew

furious, enraptured….and shiny new

burning brightly, this flame within

shining a shadow

in the lonesome dim

born of a chemical haze

its crescendo a beautiful blaze

stomping its way through the maze

of a Sound repeating one phrase:

“welcome back traveler

into the night

here lives the Moth

which charmed by the light

flutters its wings 

and dances the night”

“Come fly little Moth

into my rays

circle my ears and caress my gaze

into the morning carry the craze”

“Come fly butterfly

and color my blue

until the morning expires the brew”

Up on that meadow 

under the hill

I know we met them

meet them we will

as Sun follows dark

not a moment too soon

the Enlightened-One

entangles the Moon ;)

the one that is Manly

comes to over-share

and into our fire

crossing he’ll dare 

with the couple who grew

so far apart

split asunder by pressure

from under the lard

Sunrise land 日本 neighbors

seeking a fare 

to the city where strangers

come together fair

Up on that meadow

under the hill

I know that she’s dancing

dancing there still…

It was right there 

that beauty was found

darkened by past

answers to none

under the rays of a midnight sun

lost in the void

between bass and drum

It’s her eyes that betray

that strange brand of pain

crying in sunshine

laughing in rain

they’re shifty and swiftly

they let you know

“there is a line: and that you must toe”

“should you dare cross it, there shall be woe”

then let us sway, I tell to the eyes

maybe it’s there that our future hides

one we’ll remember when we fall asleep

find out the truth that lies buried deep

“You silly robot”

the shifty one said

“don’t you know yet? Haven’t you met?”

“down in the place”

“where souls go to sleep”

“no matter how distant”

“no matter how deep”

“a tiny beetle”

“always will creep”

“Into your ear and next to your head”

“carries the doubt of all things left unsaid”

That lesson I learned

stored for a day

when my lost love I’ll finally slay

I will recall, where it wanted to stay

stay Up, on that meadow

under the hill

I know she’s laughing

at that Funny Moon




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