Ten Reasons Why You Should Not Write and Do Something Else Instead

Updated: Oct 20, 2018

1. It is not on your mind every day. Only every other day. You can live with


2. You doubt people would like your work. And come on, there are writers

loved by everyone, who resonate with absolutely everyone. You can’t

compete with that.

3. It doesn’t seem right when you write things down. They sounded better

when you said them. This cannot be fixed with more writing, and you

know it.

4. Writing doesn’t make you feel good, because you cannot write what you

want without this question on your mind: would my readers like what I’m

saying? And you also answer yourself: I’m sure they wouldn’t. People

pleasing is namely the most important factor in any art. More

important than authenticity.

5. You are positive that your ability to write has nothing to do with your

self-esteem. You know this: if you fixed that self-esteem, you would write

a great book then. On the spot. You know it’s clearly nonsense to try

healing your self-esteem through writing.

6. And even if you tried to heal your issues through writing, you know that

would be no real writing, just some kind of a psycho-hygienic journaling.

And come on, how would that help with anything?

7. It is absurd to think that doing some psycho-hygiene (daily!) via

journaling would help you improve in writing: to connect with your

writing voice, sort out your thoughts, get into the flow and later discover

ideas that are worth your attention, or even a pattern. No, it would be just

a pile of rubbish.

8. Besides, you could get into a habit of writing a journal and, again, you’re

certain that no one would be into a diary of a loser like you. Think of other

losers’ journals: Bridget Jones, Adrian Mole… who reads that?

9. You have noticed that what you’ve got to say doesn’t interest even one

person within your circle of friends or family. Hard to imagine there

would be one person in the world of 7 billion people who would resonate

with your thoughts and feelings.

10. You are thinking about writing just because you’ve probably thought

there was something cool about it. Writing doesn’t make you happy and

you don’t feel anything at all every time you imagine yourself doing it.

Yeah, drop it. Go and do something useful.



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