How Unsustainable

By Paula Panikova

My strength and the base of my humor was purely the ability to state the obvious.

Usually nothing is funnier than the thing that is happening right in front of your own eyes.

The gold is the ability to point out the obvious about yourself. To have a laugh about the common in you.

People appreciate that. Because they can relate.

They identify themselves with you. They create a little buddy in ordinary. Makes them feel better. Because these days no one wants to be ordinary.

Everybody is fucking special-extraordinary-outstanding. Nobody wants to be the grey girl.

And yet. We are grey. Levi’s t-shirt, Ray Ban sunglasses, tattoo on your forehand quoting Michelle Obama.

How cool are we? Hypocritically, I would say. Everyone cherishes a nice house, a good car, a cool bike and pretentious understanding of going through a lot in their life.

Depression stinks. But still; we hit a share button on an obviously deep thought of Paolo Coelho.

And yet; Robin would laugh it off. He probably still does.

It is not that there is anything wrong with a nice car or a nice house; but there is a whole lot wrong to think you know a lot about anything.

Berlin was waiting for me. I couldn’t wait to see her either.

And yet; ordinarily, I felt cool about myself for not being special. About not having alternative haircut and my clothes were not stylish but I always feel like an alien; almost unicorny on the streets.

But still, I feel welcome.

I just ordered a soy cappuccino and felt shocked they gave me non recycled- white-as-my-ass napkin.

How unsustainable.



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