How Journaling Gets You Where You Want To Be

Updated: Oct 17, 2018

Tom Kuegler, a travel blogger, who writes for Huffington Post, managed to get enough big audience to be able to make a living off the back of his articles.

He claims it was journaling that gave him perspective and helped him dramatically alter the direction of his life.

Tom says without getting into the habit of putting pen on paper, he would never have landed 21 thousand followers on Medium.

Why is daily journaling a life-changer?

1. Journaling helps you to streamline your thoughts and deal with unprocessed emotions such as sadness or anger.

An average person thinks 50-70 thousand thoughts a day. That is 35 to 48 thoughts a minute.

It can be a mess. In an overcrowded mind.

There is the backlog of complaints, concerns, worries, difficult feelings, lots and lots of thought, everything but peace and quiet.

Then you pick up a pen.

Once you give your thoughts a shape and tone by materializing them, you will suddenly start to see. There will be patterns that come up while you’re “tidying up”.

You will feel relieved.

After few weeks of keeping a diary, Tom realized that journaling helped him to get his frustration out before he could direct it at somebody else.

Writing was therapy.

Now, that’s not a revolutionary idea, but it’s good enough to get into a habit that can not only give you perspective in times of darkness, but also give your narrative voice a… voice.

But that’s just a bonus. Let me tell you what else it does.

2. Journaling strengthens your observation skills.

When writing, you may focus on little details such as someone’s energy or body language in their conversation with you… those little details and idiosyncrasies of an interaction with someone.

Writing a journal helps us verbalize it while it’s still fresh in our minds before I brain gets old and gets lost in time forever.

“Journaling does this incredible fucking thing in that it helps you start to understand how you actually feel about friends, family and co-workers after doing it for a few weeks,” says Tom Kuegler.

“You think you know how you feel about these people, but let me assure you that you have no freaking clue.”

3. Journaling makes you more self-aware

Putting those hefty conversations from your head on paper may seem like a challenge but once you pin them down, they will be there forever and you can start modeling your reality.

You can see what works and what doesn’t and take some of the ideas you had on a trip.

Some ideas will be like a one-off date: interesting but you won’t see them again.

Some ideas will turn out to be “keepers”, and you’ll want to explore them properly – or perhaps you’ll want to transform them into your short story.

You will literally (yes, pun intended) find yourself in your journaling.

And you can take it from there – whether it’ll be a comedy, a drama or a soap opera.

Try it.


Writing every day is not working for everyone.  It might not work for your schedule at this particular time in your life. 

Don’t beat yourself up about it if you can’t get to the writing desk every day.  Just try to scribe as often as you can, and give yourself a break when you can’t.

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