We are Katarina and Viktor - siblings who both love storytelling. 


Story Done is a project for a community of aspiring writers

who have all the reasons why they haven't published anything yet. 


There was a time when I (Katarina) struggled to write a story

and then read it out loud without turning as red as a beetroot.


Then I met Katy Darby.

The published writer who reviewed my story.

She said some harsh stuff and some less harsh stuff and encouraged me to keep at it. 

And I did.


Today I write articles for a living, though I still largely do PR and other work to pay the bills...

But I am getting better at it. 


Now, I teamed up with Katy, an excellent teacher,

who is helping me to do the same trick for you. 


Which stage are you at? 


Story Done is a community of both first-time authors

and for seasoned authors to get better at all areas of writing. 


It's space for inspiration, learning, and support.

For all of us who crave that magic kick.


Story Done is a holiday that gets you in the flow.


We are serving medicine with honey: combining the tough part (you – locked in a basement, writing)

with the sweet part (the basement is based in a charming location). 


Just imagine:

You and a group of nerdy writers laptoping away for a whole week...


You already ARE a writer. 

It's time to get your story done.


Let's do this.

Edinas photo.jpg


The Story Done project has been primarily designed in order to kick my own bottom; the others shall be booted in collateral. My actual me is still way slower than my alter ego (understand the next Milan Kundera or Joan Didion), but wouldn’t life be a drag without a narrative of a great struggle to get there? Hey, I am trying to adopt the American failing culture here.

It’s awful to brag about myself (that underrated modesty), but I want to have some credibility in your eyes, so here is what I do: right now, I write for Slovak lifestyle print mags. You can check out my article portfolio in this hard-core language if you dare. English articles are on Medium and my book is still in the oven.

Yes, I’ll be doing the writing workshops too!

I have a cheesy dream: to create a big fat community of writers.

I have an urge to overpromise what you’ll accomplish if you join Story Done, but I’d rather over-deliver instead. Join in.

Everyone’s got a story to tell.


Viktor writes sci-fi and fantasy short stories, aside from running Role Playing Games in his free time. He's a game developer, web-app programmer and a huge popular science enthusiast. Unlike Katarina, he's actually humble.


We teamed-up with incredible tutors who can actually tell a Merism from a Metonymy.
With their know-how and your passion, great things are bound to happen!

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