About me

I write. Every day. For a living. 


Articles. Interviews. Copy.

You can check some of my articles published in printed media here

I write a journal too. Every morning. And so will you. 

I am an NCTJ diploma qualified Journalist, experienced Copywriter and Public Relations Specialist, fluent in four languages.

I write mainly for Czech and Slovak media print lifestyle magazines focused on psychology and self-development.

In PR, I helped my clients get into publications like the BBC, The Independent, The Business Insider, Die Presse, HN or MF Dnes.

I  have an MA in European Business from the Royal Holloway University of London and a Bachelor's degree in Translation and Interpreting from Vienna University.

My origin is in Slovakia and I have lived in Vienna, London and Prague. 

The Story Done project is here is to inspire interesting conversations around creativity and psyche.

So how does it work?

You just start writing...

At first, you sign a contract 


to start and finish


a 13-week-long journey

leading through

a possibly dark basement of your psyche

until we see a result.

 I'll hold you accountable. 

How often do we talk?



I use exercises from Julia Cameron's Artist Way

The method takes 3 months with a single session per week to discuss your progress


You can adjust the length as needed.

We connect and talk about your progress, online, or on my balcony, or my cozy couch in Prague.


I travel, often and obsessively, so

it's not impossible for me to visit you.* 

*Unless there's an unlikely event of a global lockdown.

Will it ruin you financially? 


God, no.

A one-hour session

will set you back

by 900 Kc/€34



only an empty stomach

            makes you write

your heart out! 

Also, it'll be the best investment you can make - into yourself.

First two sessions are free

to see how you feel about it.

Story Done is more than a creative writing course. It's therapy.

Press the only button you need to press today. 


Story Done Ltd

Katarina Karmazinova

128 Axminster Road

N7 6BT London 

T  +44 (0) 759 88 80 967

T  +420 (0) 730 156 873



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