Group size



3rd - 10th April 2021

max 12 persons

7 days 7 nights


Are you struggling with your story?


Create, discuss and edit your plot, setting, narrative voice, your characters or dialogue.


Study in the mornings, create in the afternoons in the “city of a hundred spires” - the city of Kafka and Kundera.


Join a small group of scribes - a maximum of 6 people.


Consult and get guidance on your work with a published writer and experienced lecturer.


The featuring writer will support you all the way to start, edit and finish your short story, or chapters of your novel. 

prague orloj detail.jpg

Where will you write and study? 


Live in a former monastery transformed into a tranquil and simple eco hotel for a week. Allow yourself to dive into your story surrounded by old walls in a pulsating city.


You will have a room on your own to write, but you can venture out and try a new cafe every day if you prefer it with a background buzz. 


Prague square Story Done.jpg

Why Prague?


It happens to be one of the UNESCO Cities of Literature thanks to its outstanding literary heritage and its vibrant contemporary scene.


Marvel at a unique collection of buildings on the UNESCO World Heritage List (1992).


See the Prague Castle, just a stone’s throw away from your room, take a walk alongside The Vltava river and get lost in a hive of cafes, literary museums, in the densest network of libraries and bookshops.


Climb many hills to find great views from different vistas of Prague. This city begs a postcard from almost every angle.​

Get inspired. Get your story done.

prague colors cars story.jpg

What will you eat?


Delicious meals prepared from fresh ingredients are included in your price and served 3x a day. This way we keep you well fed, so you can work with no interruptions for mammoth hunting…unless you wanted to.


Several tasty vegetarian and vegan options are on the menu too - just let us know and we tailor the menu for you. ​


The Monastery Tavern offers fresh local delicacies including specialities such as mushroom cream in a hollow bread, broths, goat’s cheese with blackberry sauce, roasted zander, traditional Bohemian potato pancakes or a roasted duck breast with red and white cabbage… and of course, dumplings and more dumplings.


Hungry for more local food?


Pague’s most famous sweet sin is Trdelnik: chimney cake of Transylvanian and Slovakian origin, commonly eaten in Eastern Europe.


It’s rolled yeast dough wrapped around a stick roasted over an open flame until crispy brown on the outside and soft on the inside, brushed with cinnamon sugar, filled with chocolate, ice cream or whatever sweet you can think of.

Let us know if you have a special diet when filling out the booking, and we will prepare a special to please you. 


Eat, pray and... just kidding. Yes, you can eat, but otherwise, this is a straight-forward lock-up in a cold monastery basement with the aim of writing with no excuses.

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In Detail

What's Included

We have priced the retreat to include a delicious breakfast, lunch and
dinner, so that you can entirely focus on your work, but you are always
welcome to try the local cuisine available both in restaurants and at small

The retreat includes: • 8 days (Sat evening check in – Sun morning check out), • single occupancy room, • meals 3x/day with veggie/vegan options available; • all instruction and materials, • morning classes on the craft on writing with the lecturing author 9am-12am, • extra 60min face-to-face consultation of your work with the lecturing author outside of the class, • feedback from the lecturing author on a short story up to 5000 words, • extra feedback from the lecturing author on a second short story up to 5000 words, if handed on time by the mid-week, • evening readings by participants, • morning guided meditation at 7:00am-8:00am, • individual 60min face-to-face consultation session of your script/ready story with the lecturing author, • two additional First & Last page workshop evenings at 8-10pm on Tuesday & Thursday: interactive sessions where people give each other feedback, • networking with drinks after two evening workshops, • an opening and closing dinner with drinks,
And optional activities: • extra face-to-face hour of feedback or on paper offered from the lecturing author on your stories/proposal(s) BEFORE handing in your completed story on the deadline; • lecturer's critique rates are £10/1000 words and you can sign up for this & extra
consultation hour on a first-come-first-serve basis during the week.

What's not

The cost does not include: • individual transportation to and from the airport • flights/transportation to the destination
• alcoholic drinks outside the evenings listed above
• special excursions
• or optional activities

Daily schedule

Day 1 (evening):
Opening dinner & networking

Day 2 - Day 6:
7:00am - 8:00am: Morning meditation or yoga
8:00am - 9:00am: Breakfast
9:30am - 12:00pm: Morning class
12:00pm - 1:00pm: Lunch
2:00pm - 6:00pm: Time to Write
6:30pm - 7:30pm: Dinner

Day 7:

  • Free day for activities to unwind or do more writing
  • Individual face-to-face sessions scheduled with the lecturing writer
  • Closing evening: dinner & drinks

Day 8 (am hours):
After the breakfast session:
  • The lecturing writer hands out pieces with your feedback
  • People can stay in/around the villa and enjoy the pool until noon (check-out)

Two additional evening workshops - so-called ‘First-page & Last-page
workshops’ on Tuesday & Thursday after dinner: People who sign up to these will have a chance to get feedback from the group on their
work and/or discuss any problematic parts. It’d be an interactive session, where
the lecturer takes a back seat and lets the writers interact and network.

Everyone who signs up for the workshop aiming to take an active part in it,
would have space of cca 20min to discuss any parts of their work or read it out
loud, and get feedback. There might be more time, depending on the number of
people who show up.

Attendance to workshops and morning classes is entirely optional. You can
spend all the available time just to write.


Price of the room & full board for eight days € 1149 per person or a 15% early bird discount € 998 per person until 30th November 2019 11:59 pm

To reserve your spot, please pay the deposit €100. Once you register your interest, we will send you a confirmation e-mail with our payment details.


We would like to get to know you and ask you about your level and expectations to help us tailor the retreat for you.