Start writing.

      Make your shrink proud.



You want to write a book,


it stays on you bucket list...

I know. 

There are so many exciting things in life


Too little time.

            Too many distractions,

                  Too much perfectionism. 

You really do want to  


 you feel like being 

all over the place

disturbed by a million things on the Internet



feeling guilty 

walking away

until you remember again

"I still want to write my book."

Could you die

NOT doing it? 


Read on.

You've just started the process

You've made 

the first step

towards your dream 

by just landing here*

*unless your cookie settings failed you

This is a place

where knowledge meets action

where you discover

which inner character

keeps sabotaging you.


Imagine... sign a contract

promising yourself to start and finish


And make a bold step 

on a 13-week-long journey

leading through

the (possibly) dark basement of your psyche

into the light

where you'll be standing proud 

holding your pages

                     at the end of the tunnel.


Don't worry.

You won't wriggle out of this. 

 I'll hold you accountable. 


No more escapism. 

You will like it.

I promise. 

Will you meet your demons?

Most likely, yes.

You might not like them.

How often? Where?

The method takes 3 months with a single session per week.


You can adjust the length as needed.

              We can connect online,

or talk on my balcony, 

                            or my cozy couch in Prague.


I travel, often and obsessively, so

it's not impossible for me to visit you.* 

*Unless there's an unlikely event of a global lockdown.


Will it ruin you financially? 


A one-hour session will set you back by 800 Crowns/29€


= a mere trip

to a supermarket

to shop for BS

you don't even need.

Extra reminder:

Artists need to be poor. 


Only an empty stomach

            makes you write

your heart out! 

Also, it'll be the best investment you can make - into yourself.

First two sessions are free to see what I mean.

How can I help you get there?

Writing is my job. I do it for a living. 

                 I have tested it on myself. 

                                                     ...and others


I'll teach you everything I know from...

  • heaps of books on writing and copywriting

  • creative writing courses 

  • a Tantric workshop. Okay. Not that. Not in this workshop. 

  • my London school of journalism - The London Press Association

  • the wisdom of psychologists & therapists I interview for my articles

  • silent meditation retreat in a Buddhist monastery. Yes, that as well!

Let's do this thing. 

Story done is not just a writing therapy.  

It's a game-changer.


Story Done Ltd

Katarina Karmazinova

128 Axminster Road

N7 6BT London 

T  +44 (0) 759 88 80 967

T  +420 (0) 730 156 873


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